Guide to 1-1s
Guide to 1-1s

Guide to 1-1s

The general idea of 1-1 Mentorship is:

  • meet with someone
  • → work out what they best need next
  • → get them connected to what they need (e.g. recommending reading, connecting them to someone, give them advice)
  • → meet them again later
  • → repeat ad infinitum

Your role in 1-1 mentorship lies in:

  1. Listening carefully to where they're at in their thinking
  2. Leveraging your experience in EA to clarify confusions and misconceptions
  3. Guiding them through the next steps they can take to advance their own thinking in these areas
  4. Providing a friendly accountability mechanism so that they feel excited about EA, and therefore about following up on those next steps

How to conduct a 1-1

How to find resources to use in 1-1s

In your 1-1s with people, you'll be signposting various EA resources that you think your mentee could benefit from reading. So it'll be helpful for you to have wide-ranging knowledge of various EA literature to better help guide people to useful materials.

To help with this, we maintain a resource database of EA materials that you can use to find resources to send people.

Creating a 1-1 booking system on Calendly

We think using Calendly is the easiest way for you to set up a system for booking 1-1s with people.

You can also try using which also has a Calendly-like booking system.

Creating a team Calendly

Here's a video overview of how to set up a Calendly team:

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