Guide to Running a Retreat/Summit

Guide to Running a Retreat/Summit

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Initial preparation (~10 hours over 1-2 weeks)

Pick dates for the Summit (~2 hours)

  • We recommend a 3 night Summit as a good default

Secure a venue and catering (~8 hours)

Getting applications (~8 hours over 2-4 weeks)

Open applications and finalise your guest list (~6 hours)

After finalising your guest list (~14 hours)

Secure transport to and from the venue (~2 hours)

Compile your programme for the Summit (~8 hours)

Send important event info to your confirmed guests (~2 hours)

Use our template Notion site with information for participants
Summit Participant Site Template
Email all guests sending them the key information

Confirm final details with the venue (~2 hours)

Confirm dietary requirements and any allergies with the caterer
Assign out your guests to bedrooms

Final preparation (~5 hours)

Order supplies for your Summit (~2 hours)

Notepads and pens for everyone
Spare sleep masks and ear plugs
Spare tampons and other sanitary products
Spare painkillers, band aids, anti allergy tablets
Whiteboard markers
Tape and scissors
Paper, large and small
A bell/gong for ringing
Spare iPhone and Android chargers
Tissue boxes
Post-it notes
Trash bags
Spare toothbrushes and toothpastes
Spare shampoo and shower gel
COVID masks
EA Books

Create feedback forms for the Summit (~2 hours)

Send a final reminder email to participants (~1 hour)

Day before

Add everyone to a WhatsApp chat to more easily communicate with them
Call your booked transport to confirm that they have the correct details