Intro talks
Intro talks

Intro talks

Our ready-to-go EA intro talk transcript, which you can use to run your own intro talk
Other scripts

There are lots of different ways that you might go about framing EA to people who are new to the ideas.

So, we've adapted our talk to a couple of different framings, which we call 'morally urgent' and 'careers-first.' You can also write your talk based on these versions, if you prefer.

Feedback we've had on the talks

We've spent some time developing our main talk that we think is pretty good. It's received positive feedback when it's been performed.

Analysis of feedback (Jan-Feb 21; older version)

Analysis of feedback (Sep-Oct 21; newer version)

Why run an intro talk?

Many EA groups have used a broad 'Introduction to Effective Altruism' talk as a good first event to expose new people to EA for the first time.

We've found them useful because:

  • They're very easy to scale - you can talk to a lot of people at once with not much organiser time
  • They allow you to transmit the core ideas of EA in a clear, high-fidelity way
  • They're a good way to talk to people who are curious about EA, but not ready to commit to an 8-week fellowship or other program

We think it would be great for you to have someone at your group perform a talk like this - you can cover the same topics as the talk we've written, using our slides, or adapt it however you prefer.

Watch a video of our EA intro talk here!